Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update and photos-my Website and Facebook

I realize that i update this blog more than a year ago, so i guess i should say something

to be exact in art community i don't update either , I'm more update on our website Stellar-Lunae in there i frequently post something or else my photography ( i rarely update status thought, stellar lunae is my main site,
here's my facebook link Facebook

One year ne.., what have i done?

I'm more on freelance artist, sometimes is fun sometimes is hard to say...really i want to cry when the client late to pay or even not pay ( I've been there and done that), my study is doing fine and i do translate stuff too ^^..what else, i become Oriflame consultant, open my library ( i will send the picture later) and then the laundry business with my sister haha there's so much things ne? as long as what I've done not violating my religion and moral society, i will be fine ^^
I just bought new and cheap digital camera, smasung s86 since i couldn't afford SLR camera LOL but that's ok, with limited things in my life, i believe i can do more creative and not being spoiled girl ^^

i update the photos on facebook thought but here we do here's what i catch when my friends come to my house ^^ don't expect something professional ok, because i just got started :) Model:Lan , Mel, Apuy,Jejel you can find them on facebook friendlist ^^

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