Monday, June 9, 2008


as always i always late to update here. basically in everywhere haha forgive me, i have lot things to do lately, as for art i will learn from the bottom again, i'm very excited to learn now, that's okay learn from the start
Beside painting i re-start learn japanese and traditional medicine too, i want to learn violin too but that's sound impossible hahaha
add a mount of books in my room now can't wait to read it, i'm quite sure i will learn a lot ^^

For movies and dorama, i always go/watch with my best friend.
My best friends, a lot of them not in really good condition now but they can keep positive side, how admirable
as a..pretty much useless best friend >_< i can only cheer them up and pray for them.
As for me I'm quite fine whatever happens, but my sleep hours totally disaster, 2-4 hours a day make my face looks like a ghost lately, my brain keep want to do something

last not but least i'm quite concern with the society around me, i see my self my neighbor cannot go to school because she don't have money to go for a bus or even to pay school fees, i'm quite sad with that
, basic education should be free, what would be if she (and other kids who doesn't go to school) don't know about knowledge when she doesn't even can go to school?
i think i should do something with this but i dunno how, my friend and i , had an idea to collect study books (not manga unfortunately LOL) and in the weekend when i have no deadline, we can learn together, hope this will work and no illiteracy again

For a start, me and the little kids in the block (some of them junior high)watch
Naruto, because the subtitle is English when they hear Naruto in Japanese with English text (usually in Indonesian), they really eager to learn English (shimatta i'm very bad at english to hahaha) and learn how to draw too that's really one happy moment na
hope it will continue


DeepakSingh_TechQua said...


I like your blog.. i am new to blog and from India. My name is Deepak...

I have following blogs.. can you recommend some thing regaridng following blog so that i earn money.


Aulia Strahan said...

you cab earn money by accepting commission from other people ^^ that's my suggestion ^^

Francesca said...

wow, it's a wonderful work!
I love how your artworks are soft and dreamy!!! *o*
by the way... I just visited your account on artwanted and I can say I'm fallen in love with the Hyde pic on the bg... *O*

Aulia Strahan said...

Thank yup Hyde is cool and beautiful man, i iwll pot more here let's see next two day i post some hidden works here again ^^

Artist Anika said...

I too started drawing by drawing the characters of my favorite tv shows (and learned the little Japanese I know by watching the original Japanese versions of anime), so I have high hopes for the neighborhood kids you know. :)

You have an extremely great talent. I was looking at your gallery in and am very impressed (I particularly loved the image of Sasuke as he is my favorite Naruto character!) Keep drawing and keep posting!

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