Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flu and transformers 2

Err..what would i say, probably because i got tired and stay up late too much, then i got flu after watching Transformer 2 yesterday with my friends, after got home from watching it, Me, Lan and Mel bought "bakso Lestari and drink "Kelapa Muda" icy stuff-we have blast- it is real good and we talk a lot of things-Girl things ^^.

i don't know why the next day , i feel all my body hurts and my cats who usually is really loud just stay close and being a good children, they even sleep next to mine. To prevent the worse thing, i go to the pharmacist and got some vitamins but the next day, i thought i can have rest..i was wrong, i stay up late again to finish my translations about system GPRS, shielding box, antenna modified dipole and stuff, i learn a lot of things these days ^^ and start to sketch my commission works (and still wait for the unpaid works-hope he will burn in hell if he don't pay me-I mean IT;Dear Allah forgive my bad language but i do feel sad with this injustice thing )

So i slept after Salat Subuh and my Flu got worsen, i don't know why i take a lot of honey in my mouth and start to eat multiple vitamins and eat a lot even thought i really lost my appetite (that's rare hahaha) and it works well, thanks Allah for make things easier for me, i even go to book store with Lan chan after that, my friend said that i recover quickly even though i still got the flu and cough; because i don't let my self sad and down, really? that's must be i'm happy even though these hard life but everyone has hard life to dealt with too right? so just calm, i have God and real best friend who really have the integrity what friendship are for,and my cute cats always understand when i try to talk with them Alhamdulillah. let me be the person who always grateful my Dear God. Amin

Er.. before i forgot...transformer 2 is awesome ... makes me want to go to Egypt and then the music score really cool reminds me LOTR, Hans Zimmer Demons and Angel though but really ..really cool ..i'm inspired..yosh tomorrow i start to do drawing jam again YAY:D

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update and photos-my Website and Facebook

I realize that i update this blog more than a year ago, so i guess i should say something

to be exact in art community i don't update either , I'm more update on our website Stellar-Lunae in there i frequently post something or else my photography ( i rarely update status thought, stellar lunae is my main site,
here's my facebook link Facebook

One year ne.., what have i done?

I'm more on freelance artist, sometimes is fun sometimes is hard to say...really i want to cry when the client late to pay or even not pay ( I've been there and done that), my study is doing fine and i do translate stuff too ^^..what else, i become Oriflame consultant, open my library ( i will send the picture later) and then the laundry business with my sister haha there's so much things ne? as long as what I've done not violating my religion and moral society, i will be fine ^^
I just bought new and cheap digital camera, smasung s86 since i couldn't afford SLR camera LOL but that's ok, with limited things in my life, i believe i can do more creative and not being spoiled girl ^^

i update the photos on facebook thought but here we do here's what i catch when my friends come to my house ^^ don't expect something professional ok, because i just got started :) Model:Lan , Mel, Apuy,Jejel you can find them on facebook friendlist ^^

Monday, June 9, 2008


as always i always late to update here. basically in everywhere haha forgive me, i have lot things to do lately, as for art i will learn from the bottom again, i'm very excited to learn now, that's okay learn from the start
Beside painting i re-start learn japanese and traditional medicine too, i want to learn violin too but that's sound impossible hahaha
add a mount of books in my room now can't wait to read it, i'm quite sure i will learn a lot ^^

For movies and dorama, i always go/watch with my best friend.
My best friends, a lot of them not in really good condition now but they can keep positive side, how admirable
as a..pretty much useless best friend >_< i can only cheer them up and pray for them.
As for me I'm quite fine whatever happens, but my sleep hours totally disaster, 2-4 hours a day make my face looks like a ghost lately, my brain keep want to do something

last not but least i'm quite concern with the society around me, i see my self my neighbor cannot go to school because she don't have money to go for a bus or even to pay school fees, i'm quite sad with that
, basic education should be free, what would be if she (and other kids who doesn't go to school) don't know about knowledge when she doesn't even can go to school?
i think i should do something with this but i dunno how, my friend and i , had an idea to collect study books (not manga unfortunately LOL) and in the weekend when i have no deadline, we can learn together, hope this will work and no illiteracy again

For a start, me and the little kids in the block (some of them junior high)watch
Naruto, because the subtitle is English when they hear Naruto in Japanese with English text (usually in Indonesian), they really eager to learn English (shimatta i'm very bad at english to hahaha) and learn how to draw too that's really one happy moment na
hope it will continue

Saturday, May 17, 2008


All my tutorials now update in my site Stellar Lunae
,for more exact link, here we go
kindly visit my website with Lan ok ^^

Sunday, January 20, 2008

comic collab works

Hello there i promise to more update here but Alas i have no much time in internet stuff therefore i put comic sample colab with my friend lan
She make more a lot of this work, yep she is talented on this, i'm quite sure she is a good manga ka (on story telling, artwork) , i'm just assistant, making, tone, concept art, bg and stuff hahaha and she have no blogspot account therefore we make it here, we are sisterhood
if there's no problem the next journal, i will make tut (old tut new tut will combine here) let's move on to the work



thanks for viewing ^^

Sunday, November 11, 2007

busy days

i'm very busy this month but i will start to psot my works around 17 th nov on my artwanted site and
i'm currently on study and freelancing in free time i do teaching hahah most of them older than mine but voila i try, my monitor pc is crash i so i can show all my new works around 30 pict this, so sorry i'm not active in internet stuff lately, thanks to my best friend for accompany me through hard time and good time

Sunday, August 19, 2007

appreciation better than recognition

In August 18, I celebrate my birthday, the era 20 I’m on my way >~<, I Celebrate it with my friends,

I’m not in angry mode anymore after thinking a lot of things, I can finally calm and some people that makes me mad, actually say sorry and it’s a big meaning for me, I don’t know if they read the last journal but I guess because my attitude slightly change, now I can actually forgive and move on

I’m on learn a lot of things now

Ano sa, in painting I still search what’s good for me, to be honest, I love manga art but aside from that, freelance work got me to do realism stuff. I love traditional art but in the line of today’s work, I have to do in digital hahaha, but I’ll try to love both of them, when so many people discussing whether digital art or traditional art better, I put them as an equal art, there’s benefit and also flaws, nothing is perfect


Human is always crave for attention na? I guess it’s normal it’s on people needs but then again when you feel really needs too much attention, there will be attention disorder, How to handle it? I guess by loving your self more and keep in your mind that God will watch you more than all the people that you crazily hope that they will see you, don’t ever try to put so many hopes on people because they’re also human too, so many incapable things, they’re not God anyway

Do I have that kind of feeling? I got that feeling when I was young age but starting when I was more mature and at this age, I guess I’m change, I guess your childhood memory affect you so much na, it just like unrequited love. I do remember back then when I was in elementary, I really want to get recognize by my teacher& my father who still live at that time. Since I’m new student & I’m not close to my father+he lives faraway, I’ll try to get a good grade and not sleeping in class when in fact, ...I usually just get sleep in the class ^^, I guess I’m trying so hard …somehow it will become a burden feeling to me, if I don’t get good grade probably teacher&father will see me less as student and child, I got that feeling along by the time that I realize that I don’t even get appreciation words from them, I feel terribly sad, by that time I know I have to stop.

What I mean; I don’t change to be bad student or child, NO, I just stop for crave that attention anymore that feeling mutual to unrequited love, I dislike that but I have to deal with it. I guess now I understand if my friends, teachers said that I’m less ambitious thoght, lack of ambitions to be exact. That’s the bad impact, thegood impact, I’m quite calm and happy about my own pace and if I knew someone that I admire and they don’t even know me or not try to become my friend,
I wouldn’t try hard to socialize with them,
try to get their recognition means when they actually ignore me, I wouldn’t hurt so much, nothing more nothing less
BUT when I knew someone trying so hard to talk and need so much recognition, I will give them appreciation even it is a little speech or just only smile with respect –not because it’s an obligation or fake smile just to show them “hey I’m good person” or something like that HELL NO!, that’s because I know so much being ignored is hurt your life existence, I know what it feels, hem it is the reason why that I don’t put too much lovey dovey stuff to my opposite gender in my life, unlike many puberty girls, who crave attention from their crush, I don’t even have any crush in my class, seniors (Hyde~laruku probably, but he’s to old for me gyahahaha~idol is an exception), I dunno it is sad situation or no but I don’t feel any sadness, loneliness probably I focus my self more on my hobby&little nephew& best friends& how I eat tomorrow and other necessary things…plus.. I love unreal person than the actual one LOL, God , I understand my self better now

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