Wednesday, August 15, 2007

mad is sickness-unposted works

I really in the angry mode to some people lately, I’ll try to forgive and let go of some words that they hurt me in so many ways, but I’m just human sometime I lost my patience too, I’m not angry with talk so much and ranting or even screaming, I just keep in silent but it is too much too bear I really want to talk back at slap their face ^^, glad at that time my best friend Lan always there

What makes me mad lately?

arrogant people what so called family, they look down to my related blood family because we are not rich, my family and I might not rich but truly, rich in the heart is much important! I already talk to them but hey they heart made from the stone so a little “ant” like me, who have no much money won’t bring their any good, just keep your heart like stone and someday they won’t able to move on, life is up and down, when you laugh about other suffering you might be the next who have your turn!, so kindly watch your mouth

I Hope when someday, God gave me wealthy, I pray from the deep of my heart, I will not be corrupted like some people around me. Amin. Kindly hear let me away from some people who see the relationship based on how the people can be used and how can their make money or how high their status in the society!

I’m friendship not with MONEY and your STATUS, really, I feel friendship with friend by the HEART and your PERSONALITY!, so I’m likely angry when my friend said that; that means she doesn’t know me at all, not a bit! My best friend who also know this, is really mad too.You said it because you mad with someone else and vent the anger to me ?, it's not the first time you just vent the anger out of me becuse i'm usually listen and silent and when you said that becuse i want to be paid for my works that you laready have, you just angry. I'm hurt by words
Even you have money as wide as an ocean, high status, if you have bad personality and not even have anymore bound in my life, I won’t try hard to ask you to be my friend, I rather friend with monkey that with money then.
And I really understand people better now, hope this mad will not lasting and I keep painting and truly express what I really feel on that painting
but in the end I FORGIVE YOU than keeping the anger in my heart, if that's happen, i will be fall

Gallery today is from random commission print
Asking for design character holding an Iris flower

team XYZ, Universal studios
Under XYZ studios, Tim Kentley asking me to make portrait for unreleased movie, Golden Age (release; September 2007), the Cast is Cate Blanchet, it is a big chance and since I am not internet person and currently sick at that time, I laws late to open the mail, Gyaboo and I got misunderstood by the line of the test working (will be making in 3D), the painting is not the portrait painting but stained glass portrait, yep I’m messed up at that time and the deadline is only one day ghahaha, I work like crazy people and not doing my homeworks at that day, here’s the lil preview of the work, I don’t think I will post the full version ^^

And the last..the work full of prayer

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