Monday, July 30, 2007

end of july-unposted works part 1

there's so many things happens this past week na
my hardisk got burned lost all the file hahahaha bye bye my 40gb hardisk
i met some new friends, it went fine :)
my sister got to extravaganza campus, well done Sista
i startworking as freelance artist so i can keep living and study
i probably stop posting in da once i have my own website but for now i rather make new account, i love strahan account but i would love more my own self in new account both of them are the same i jut wat to restart and keep my real friend there, some of them call me dumb but i'm more dumb if don't start the new life :)

here's some unposted works, i cannot posted in art gallery because Tuphoto asked me that, they buy the royalty free license from , i don't buy it, i'm just artist who have asked by them to create from the stock they gave me, so don't sue me
The mountain keeper
from &
turn into (by ps7)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

lost fairy
turn into (by ps7)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
That's all for now , i'm so sorry i'm so away from internet stuff :)
i sense of lost for posting my art but i'll try to post some of them here there's around 100 images that i don't post, crazy na, i still keep it in my harddisk and my blue folder , what i wish, that i could be better human and painter, nothing less nothing more :)
Yosh i will learn again


suri-chan said...

aulia-san, boleh aku panggil itu ato uli ajah?
your works beautiful banget!!!! aku suka yang pertama sih..^____^

Francesca said...

oooh... wonderful photomanipulations!!! *___* great job!

I'm really happy for you starting to work as freelance artist!!!
I really hope I'll be able too, someday!

it's terrible you lost all your files! O.O listening this make me want to do a backup right now!

It's wonderful to hear from you again, I hope I'll be able see more of those 100 images you are hiding in your HD... ;)

★MANGALOCA★ said...

I love the photo manipulations! They're very beautiful! I don't know what name to call you now .. still Strahan? [haha] I'm thinking of making a second account on DA for original works .. but I'm going to think about that more. Good luck with your art goals! ♥

Anonymous said...

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